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The Story of the Suremarker™ Buoy


The SUREMARKER™  Buoy was "originally called Suremark".
The owner was tired of the inaccuracy of bleach type jug
buoys with too much--too little line--and hauling in a heavy weight.

Over the years, the owner tinkered with and perfected the SUREMARKER™ and produced the highest quality and most convenient portable marking buoy available in the world today.

All materials are commercial grade and salt water proof.
Our newest version is also our most environmentally safe.

The high contrasting bright yellow float is made of high density PVC Foam and will not break down in harsh environments.
It is impervious to gas and oil.

The SUREMARKER™  frame is made of tuff ABS plastic, T-Grade™ and come supplied with 200 feet of 100# test braided nylon line.

Not supplied, but recommended is a 4 to 4 1/2 pound weight Max and approximately 2 to 4 feet of 200 to 300 pound leader material.

Find your fishing spot on sonar, then mark the fish by throwing
the SUREMARKER™  directly overboard.
Please remove the detachable winding handle first.

Once deployed the line automatically pays out to the bottom
and stops, locking in at the desired depth.

Two eyelets allow for smooth line deployment and
the SUREMARKER™  patented reel prevents backlash.

The flag on the SUREMARKER™  immediately shows
you which direction the wind is blowing, a great benefit in anchoring.
The SUREMARKER™  will also lean to show you currant direction


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