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How do I best store the buoy when not being used?

Bring SPOOL to a stop with the CLICKER in the notched position and ALWAYS store in a notched position. Store out of the sun.


What do I need to get started?

You need to add a weight to the buoy, recommended is a 4 to 4 1/2 pound weight Max and approximately 2 to 4 feet of 200 to 300 pound leader material.  


How do I deploy the Buoy?

Make sure the clicker is functioning and that the line has no tangles. Remove handle from buoy and deploy buoy into the water where you need to mark a spot. 


How do I retrieve the Buoy?

First make sure the weight is freed from the bottom. Place the yellow float under your arm and hold the bottom cone with the same hand. Place the wrist cord for the handle around your other hand and begin reeling the line in smoothly. 


I lost the handle, where can I get another one?

Please see our distributor tab at or email our office for a dealer near you.


My buoy keeps drifting, what is wrong?

The SuremarkerTM buoy is designed to let out line in very strong current or wave action, this prevents the buoy from being dragged under.

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